A-lift light portable crane  with high lifting capacity.


  • A-lift easily  portable  cranes simplify daily work and reduce lifting-related injuries.

  • As asphalt maintenance requires heavy machinery (vibrator plate / toad), the A-lift crane facilitates.

  • Capable of lifting up to 400 kg.

  • Weighs only 18  kg.

  • Easily handled by one person.

  • A variety of brackets allow the Spitzlift to be mounted almost anywhere.

  • Assembled and disassembled  in less than a minute.

  • Protects the back and reduces work injuries.



A-Lift 1

Crane package for mounting on e.g. open flatbed truck:

12 Volt: (LEBS10-4) Lifting crane LTD-424, 120 cm, 12 volt, Surface mounting bracket ABP-1012 or ABP-1515, Crane post APHBS-026


A-Lift 2

Crane package for installation in a small van (not standing height):

12 Volts: (LEBS10-3) Lifting crane LTD-324, 90 cm, 12 volts, Surface mounting bracket ABP-1012, Crane post APHBS-016


A-Lift 3

Crane package with universal bolt and welding bracket:

12 Volts: Lifting crane LTD-424, 120 cm, 12 volts, Bolt and welding bracket ABOU-001, Crane post APHBS-026