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A-tape  bitumen strip, for repairing cracks and sealing asphalt joints.  


  • A-TAPE is a waterproof polymer-modified bitumen strip, which is used for repairing cracks (up to 5 mm wide) or as sealing edges on asphalt repairs.

  • Slip resistance can be increased by covering the strip with stone flour or fine sand.



  • A-TAPE contains petroleum products that can affect the skin.

  • A-TAPE should not come into contact with the face, eyes or arms.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly after use.

  • Wash clothing if it has come into contact with A-TAPE.

  • Avoid smoking when handling A-TAPE.




  • Lowest temperature 8 ° C.

  • Make sure that the asphalt is dry in the event of damage and that the crack is not wider than 5 mm.

  • If the asphalt is wet or damp, it should be pre-dried with a gas burner.

  • Remove dirt and debris from the crack and the area closest to the damage.

  • Apply A-TAPE over the crack.

  • If the crack changes direction significantly, cut the tape and follow the new direction, first overlapping the tape from its previous direction.

  • Remove the protective film before using a gas burner.

  • Then heat gently on top of  A-TAPE with LPG burner until the tape encloses the damaged surface.

  • Traffic can immediately pass over the repair.

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