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Sustainability policy 2022

Our vision

A Produkter AB provides products and training regarding asphalting and asphalt maintenance in Europe. We start from a holistic perspective where our entire organization strives for solutions with sustainability and the environment in mind. Our vision is to offer a more environmentally friendly method for asphalt maintenance based on long-term solutions.

A Products' goal is to modernize asphalt maintenance by developing products and services with a focus on environmental, social and economic aspects. Our strategy is based on our employees having a joint responsibility for the sustainability work at the company. We strive to inspire suppliers and customers to choose more sustainable alternatives.  


The sustainability policy applies to all A Products' business areas. We have an ongoing sustainability work and this is our policy  a living document that is followed up annually. Our employees are expected to have good knowledge of the sustainability policy and our CEO is responsible for ensuring that the policy is followed.

Environmental responsibility

A Products' overall goal and strategy aims to reduce its own and the customer's negative impact on the environment. A basic condition is that we follow current laws and regulations when handling asphalt. Furthermore, we work at different levels to reduce the negative environmental impact.


  • DELIVERIES:  We offer our customers environmental shipping via our shipping company to encourage customers to choose a more environmentally friendly alternative. Furthermore, we offer free shipping on larger orders to reduce the number of shipments.  

  • REDUCED EMISSIONS:  In material production and machine use, we work to reduce the use and emissions of fossil fuels. In the manufacture of ScanMix  special asphalt is heated with wood powder, which is a more environmentally friendly alternative than  fossil fuels.


  • REQUIREMENTS FOR SUPPLIERS:  We work systematically with coordination and reduction of the number of suppliers with increased demands on more environmentally friendly alternatives. We check that the products we buy are environmentally certified as far as possible.

  • WASTE DISPOSAL:  We are constantly working on minimizing, reusing and recycling waste.

Social responsibility

The well-being and development of our staff is crucial for us as employers. This is achieved by offering our employees a safe working environment where we respect everyone's equal value and rights. A prosperous staff can put the customer in focus where quality is our key word.  

  • TRAINING:  A Produkter works continuously to train employees as customers. Our employees are offered competence development in, for example, machine knowledge, driving a truck and how asphalt is to be handled to ensure health. Before using our products, we also ensure that the customer receives information and training in how they are used to ensure that the material is used as efficiently as possible.

  • HEALTH:  Our employees are offered staff care benefits such as wellness to inspire a healthy working life.

  • INSURANCE:  We ensure that our employees have adequate insurance coverage. ​

Financial responsibility

A basic prerequisite for the success of our mission is that we have sound and stable finances.  

  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT:  A Produkter is constantly reviewing its processes for ongoing efficiency work. The Board has an ongoing collaboration with a business development partner to ensure that the business is run in the right direction.  

  • STABLE PROFIT DEVELOPMENT:  We safeguard a stable economy where the business lives up to established financial goals and ensures long-term planning for investments. A Produkter constantly strives to be a competitive company with a focus on sustainability.





Per Freibergs

CEO, A Produkter AB

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