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MIKASA MCD-1U is probably Sweden's best-selling asphalt and concrete saw. The basic model has been around for a long time, but has been improved in detail over the years. With centrifugal coupling and counterclockwise blade rotation, it is unique in its kind. Light weight and flexible format make the saw easy to handle and transport.

What makes MCD-1U unique is i.a. that the blade rotates counterclockwise. It provides more stable sawing because the saw is pulled down by the blade instead of wanting to rise. The counter-rotation also cleans the saw track from cooling water, which is welcome at e.g. signal and cable work. The fact that the MCD-1U also has a centrifugal coupling, which disengages the blade during idling and facilitates starting, distinguishes it from other asphalt saws.

The depth setting, with crank, is easy to handle and equipped with a centimeter-graded indicator. The telescopic handle is easily adjusted for the correct working height. Powerful rear wheels with double ball bearings provide good stability and easy maneuvering. The low weight and the flexible format make the saw easy to handle and transport.

The spacious cooling water tank is made of cold- and impact-resistant plastic and is positioned so that it does not obscure the view or get in the way of engine service. The filling hole, fitted with a strainer, is large to make filling easy.

A well-placed lifting eye and a lifting handle on the front of the machine facilitate both crane lifting and manual lifting.

MIKASA MCD-1U is reliable and very durable. The saw has a strong Honda GX200 4-stroke petrol engine with oil guard.


  • The blade rotates counterclockwise, which provides stable sawing and a clean saw groove.

  • Centrifugal clutch facilitates starting and disengages the blade when the engine is idling.

  • Efficient water system with spacious tank and easy filling for cooling the blade and dust binding.

  • Small and flexible saw with low weight, easy to handle and transport.



Engine:                   Honda GX200

Fuel:                  Petrol

Net power of the engine         4.1

Work failure                 75 kg

Diamond blade Ø:          305 mm max 

Saw depth:                100 mm  max

Dimension, LxWxH:         1170x556x800 mm

Water tank volume:       20 l

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