MIKASA MVH-208 is a medium-weight flexible reciprocating plate for packing gravel, sand, macadam etc. Faster and with more power than similar plates and with precise and stepless speed control.

The stepless hydraulic forward / reverse control makes the machine very easy to maneuver and provides a smooth and precise adjustment with the option of stationary packing. Unpleasant jerks when changing direction are completely avoided and the very fast response from the machine is extra welcome when working against walls and solid objects. The drive control returns to the forward position when released. The machine's fixed handlebar arch facilitates maneuvering when driving on slopes and on uneven ground. The handle is well vibrated and has a self-locking transport position.

With its high centrifugal force and low center of gravity, the MIKASA MVH-208 is a very efficient vibrator plate that is also faster and more time-saving than many other comparable models. The compact design makes the machine suitable even for use in cramped and confined spaces such as. pipe graves. The bottom plate is made of very durable ductile iron and has a shape that means that gravel does not remain on the top. An optional polyurethane mat is available for leveling freshly laid paving stones and other stone pavements. Feel free to see Mikasas  Film  showing the carpet.

As standard, the MVH-208 is equipped with a clear digital meter  showing  operating hours and current engine speed. MVH-208 is equipped with a combined protective and lifting cover made of steel with a lifting eye wide enough for forks. A rubber lid facilitates access during refueling and service. The engine is a magnapull-started Honda GX240 petrol engine which in addition to regular air purifiers also has a cyclone cleaner that very effectively cleans the air and thus extends the life of the engine.

The low-position oil bath lubricated vibrator with very good lubrication and easy maintenance provides a low center of gravity, which contributes to good stability and more efficient packing. Like all ground vibrators from MIKASA, the MVH-208 is reliable and long-lasting with low maintenance costs.


  • Combined drive control for stepless and precise speed and forward / reverse clearance.

  • Fixed handlebar that facilitates driving on slopes and on uneven surfaces.

  • Low center of gravity and high centrifugal force provide good packing.

  • Time-saving because the machine can run faster than other similar plates.

  • Honda petrol engine with oil guard and efficient cyclone cleaner.

  • Digital meter for operating hours and engine speed.

  • Base plate in very durable ductile iron, with a "self-cleaning" design.

  • Protective and lifting cover made of steel with practical rubber lid for refueling and maintenance.

  • Polyurethane mat for driving on paving stones is available as an option.



Engine:                Honda GX240

Fuel:              Petrol

Engine net power:     5.9  kW

Work weight:            210  kg

Centrifugal force         37.0 kN

Vibration frequency:      87  Hz

Working speed:        0-27  m / min

Bottom plate, WxL:      500x720 mm

Dimension, LxWxH       1310x500x1010 mm