MIKASA MVH-R60 is a small hydraulically operated reciprocating plate for packing gravel, sand, soil etc. The stepless speed control forwards and backwards, with the possibility of stationary packing makes the machine very easy to maneuver and smooth.

When working against walls and solid objects, the very fast response from the machine is extra welcome, no unpleasant jerks when changing direction. With its small bottom plate, the MVH-R60 packs, despite its low weight, very efficiently.

MVH-R60 is equipped with a combined protection and lifting frame on which an easily removable water tank for asphalt packing can be mounted. The base plate is designed so that material does not remain on the top. Oil bath lubricated vibrator provides best lubrication and easy maintenance. The engine is equipped with an oil guard.

The MVH-R60 is small and compact and takes up little space during transport and storage. The machine has an optional transport device and water tank.


  • Stepless speed control forwards and backwards.

  • Possibility of stationary packing.

  • Takes up little space during transport and storage.

  • Low weight, but very good packing effect.

  • Oil bath lubricator vibrator.

  • Protective and lifting arch.

  • Optional transport device.

  • Optional water tank for asphalt packing.



Engine:                Honda GX120

Fuel:              Petrol

Engine net power:     2.1  kW

Work weight:            68 kg

Centrifugal force:        15 kN

Vibration frequency:     100 Hz

Working speed:       0-23 m / min

Bottom plate, WxL:      350x480  mm