ScanMix and re-instatements

ScanMix Fagerbacken Östersund 210225(1).

NCC Industry AB (Östersund) talks about their experience of ScanMix for larger jobs, like re -instatements.

Why have NCC and Östersund Municipality chosen to work with ScanMix for larger cut outs?

We chose to run a test surface with ScanMix when restoring a cutout after a water shaft, as we wanted to test a mass that could possibly last for an entire winter without having to fix it again. After a test surface, there were more surfaces that it was used on, as we could see that when the snow clearing had taken place, the ScanMix was left and no potholes had been opened up on roads with a high ÅDT (annual 24-hour traffic measure).

What are your advantages with ScanMix compared to cold asphalt?

How do you feel that restorations performed with cold asphalt last over a winter in comparison with ScanMix?

ScanMix is easy to work with, durable and that if a settlement should occur after a deeper repair, it is no problem to top the previous installation with new ScanMix as it merges well together.

Cold mix asphalts have a tendency to be removed or damaged by the snow plough during winter, which means that we have to return to the same surface and fix it several times. We have not discovered these problems with ScanMix.