ScanMix and its development

Stefan Viberg.jpg

Stefan Viberg from NCC Industry AB talks about the production of ScanMix and its development.

Hi Stefan, tell me more about you and your role within NCC.

My name is Stefan Viberg and I have worked with asphalt manufacturing for 32 years. Today I sit in the management team at NCC Industry AB and have the technical responsibility for our 30 factories in Sweden. Fifteen years ago, the collaboration with Svensk Asfaltservice AB began, which was later transferred to the sister company A Produkter AB.

Why did we choose to develop and produce ScanMix?

The problem has been that so far it has not been possible to carry out permanent repairs without traditional hot asphalt from asphalt plants. Over the years there have been asphalt masses that only function as temporary repairs. Our goal was to find a mass that can be laid as a permanent repair and also be easy to work with and handled cold. Thanks to the fact that it is possible to store ScanMix for a long time (at least two years), you are also not dependent on opening hours at asphalt plants; we see ScanMix as the best option for municipalities and maintenance companies.

Why is ScanMix the most environmentally friendly asphalt on the market?

ScanMix is manufactured at a low temperature with NCC's patented wood pellet heating system, at Sweden's most environmentally friendly asphalt plant. This makes ScanMix the most environmentally friendly on the market with standard bitumen.

How is ScanMix different from cold asphalt?

Cold asphalt is for temporary repairs while ScanMix is for permanent repairs. Existing cold masses on the market today are made with a bitumen emulsion (Nyflow 500 or V12000) which cannot be asphalted over with new asphalt cannot harden as ScanMix does after compaction. 

How is ScanMix different from traditional hot asphalt?

The benefits of ScanMix are many. For example, it is possible to top ScanMix in thinner layers than hot asphalt, with a great result despite heavy traffic being let on immediately. It also consumes less resources (one to two staff with a toad or roller compared to, for example, a spreader truck and two paving workers).

What do you think is the most important thing about ScanMix?

ScanMix is the first asphalt product that makes it possible to repair damage permanently all year round. So far it has not been possible with a cold product.