ScanMix is a special asphalt that is heated to  ca  30 ° C  in  one ScanBox  for  environmentally friendly and efficient asphalt maintenance. ScanMix has  the same benefits as traditional hot asphalt without the requirement for larger machines, increased staff and trips to and from asphalt plants.


  • Pothole repairs

  • Topping cracked areas

  • Well replacement

  • Minor asphalting / cuts

  • Wedges at curbs

  • Crack repairs

  • Surface release

  • Walkways and bike paths


  • Can be stored cold and heated quickly in a ScanBox if necessary.

  • Cost effective for repairs and asphalt maintenance.

  • Swedish-made product that meets environmental and safety requirements in the EU.

  • Compatible with hot asphalt and does not need to be milled off before asphalting.

  • No risk of bleeding.

  • Ready to use after heating to 30 ° C using a ScanBox.

  • Can be reused and reheated.

  • Can be laid in thin layers over e.g. cracked surfaces or surface releases.

  • Can be used in all kinds of weather, from -20 to +35  degrees. 

  • The durability is 2  years in unopened packaging.

  • ScanMix is not self-curing in the packaging.

  • Broken packaging can be used at a later time.


  • Based on traditional hot asphalt bitumen  which makes it possible to carry out all forms of repairs with one and the same material.

  • Environmentally friendly heating  to approx. 30 ° C using a ScanBox.

  • Repairs with ScanMix can be asphalted over with hot asphalt, without first having to be milled away.



  • Clean the asphalt surface, remove stones and loose asphalt, feel free to use a leaf blower.

  • Paste hole edges and crackles with A-glue or ScanSpray.

  • Wait a while so the glue has time to "trap" (unite with the existing asphalt).

  • Pour ScanMix into the hole / surface, spread to an even layer with an asphalt rake.

  • Compact with a ground vibrator until the entire repair is hard.

  • Seal edges with A-glue or ScanSpray.

  • Ready to let traffic on the repair!