Tyresö Municipality and ScanBox

Tyresö ScanBox utvärdering 2.jpg

Tyresö Municipality tells more about their use of ScanBox and ScanMix.

Why has Tyresö Municipality chosen to work with ScanMix and ScanBox?

The ScanMix concept is a good complement to our business as we can repair road damage permanently all year round on our own terms without being dependent on contractors. This way, we save both time and money. We can also be out on site faster to repair damage without risking insurance matters on road users' cars.

What are your advantages with ScanMix compared to cold asphalt?

ScanMix is a more manageable mass because it is warm and easy to use when applied with ScanBox. We can take a larger amount of asphalt with us to repair larger areas / more potholes at once. This means better working environments and ergonomics as everything is managed automatically via the ScanBox; the operators are under less physical pressure when working. 

Do you work with ScanMix all year round?

Yes, we try to work with ScanMix all year round. However, Tyresö Municipality has winter road maintenance under its own contracts between 15/10 - 15/4.